YoGay Crew 2017

Sparkle Thornton, RYT YoGay Founder & Yoga Teacher Pronouns: she/her

 I've been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2007.  My study of Anusara Yoga over the last 10 years has made a huge impact on me and what I choose to share in my classes. I value creativity and an open mind in my teaching and practice. I believe in leading by example, speaking my truth, and being humble. I look forward to giving thanks for my community. May we remember our blessings and find new reasons to live as trans and queers people in this world.


Roshan SukumarRYT Assistant Yoga Teacher Pronouns: he/his

Roshan started practicing yoga in 2013. Originally trained as a classical musican, Roshan found that yoga brought balance to a varied and hectic work schedule. Wanting to learn more about yoga and explore more outlets for his passion for teaching, he completed his RYT 200 Hour Training in 2015 at Worlds Yoga Union City. Roshan  teaches with an emphasis on alignment and wants his students to learn more about their bodies to feel more comfortable and confident in their practice. His hope is that they gain the tools to build a sustainable practice that lasts them a lifetime.


Nori Reed, YoGay Consultant Pronouns: she/her

Serving as the Care Navigator for the Transgender Care Navigation Program at UCSF Medical Center, Nori is committed to helping the transgender community gain improved access to quality healthcare. Nori also believes that transgender persons deserve to be mentally, spiritually, & holistically well. This is why Nori, who has personally experienced the incredible benefits of Yogay, volunteers as Yogay's Community Adviser with the focused goal of making yogay more inviting and accessible to transwomen of color. If you have any questions or concerns about your own potential experience at Yogay, please email Nori- nori essence at gmail. She will be happy to listen and to speak more about her own experiences with Yoga and Yogay.

Philipe L. Harrington, MFT, YoGay Retreat Organizer Pronouns: ze/zir

Philipe supports therapists and holistic wellness practitioners in building sustainable community practices with the power of Generative Somatics and Expressive Arts through the Peacock Course. Inspired to promote accessible healthcare to support social and environmental justice movements, Philipe offers the training that practitioners need to take care of themselves: financially, emotionally and spiritually. Philipe also works in private practice serving queer, trans and poly individuals and couples who are longing to embody the transformation we need to create social justice.

Chef Yulanda Hendrix , YoGay Menu by Simple Bliss Catering and Events Pronouns: she/her

"Cooking is my fun," says Chef Yulanda Hendrix—and coming from a person as engaging and affable as she, that says it all. Chef Yulanda's commitment to crafting mirthfully elegant dishes from local, sustainable ingredients is the driving force behind the dynamic, full service Simply Bliss Catering & Events. 

Chef Yulanda's culinary inspiration, though galvanized by the cultural richness of the Bay Area, was sparked in her mother's Michigan kitchen. Chef Yulanda spent her summers on her grandmother's hog farm in Tennessee where meals were cultivated from the offerings of the land. Her grandmother and her aunt, two of the best cooks she's ever known, fostered her love of organic and sustainable ingredients. Enlivened by the legacies of the chefs in her life, Yulanda entered the culinary and hospitality industry at fourteen. As an adult, she attended culinary school in Chicago and under the tutelage of acclaimed chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Matt Bencivenga, she honed her ability to fuse classical French training with her unique culinary upbringing to create unforgettable meals. Chef Yulanda has translated her love of food and making people happy into a business. Her hands-on approach, steadfast integrity, and service orientated demeanor makes Simply Bliss what it is. 

Her menus are sophisticated, yet accessible. In her world, food should be as unpretentious as humanly possible. Her meals are crafted to nourish the soul. Their jazzy, robust flavors stir up the urge to have a good time. She purchases locally grown produce and organic meat for her simple dishes. Her gluten free and vegan menus are not devoid of important factors like texture and seasoning. She strikes a very happy medium between indulgence and health consciousness. 

Chef Yulanda's clientele is as diverse as her menus. She played influential roles in renowned events such as Wolfgang Puck's Oscar parties, Oprah's 50th Birthday Bash, and fund raising dinners for then Senator Obama. With Simply Bliss, she has catered events for many local, celebrated Bay Area non-profits including San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR), The Brown Boi Project, and the Native American Health Center. Recently, she has planned and executed many memorable weddings, birthday parties, and business luncheons. In addition, she is available as a personal chef to help create unforgettable evenings filled with food and fun. 

Website photos by Ewan Duarte  and Michelle Crawford. 

Whitney Moses, CMT, YoGay bodyworker Pronouns: she/her

As a queer, mixed, cis-woman, I know it can be difficult to find health care and service providers who respect your whole person. I strive to make my practice welcoming for all kinds of people, especially those often marginalized for their bodies (trans folks, poc, disabled folks, fat folks, etc). It is an honor and a privilege for you to let a therapist into the intimate space of bodywork, and I don't take that lightly. I believe good touch can be transformative for everyone in their relationship to themselves, the skin they live in, and the world around them. 

Through bodywork I aim to give people a safe, inspiring, and nurturing space to heal and learn the language of their own bodies. Whether you are seeking to correct bad posture, to treat chronic issues or new injuries, or simply to relax and unwind physically and emotionally, I will work with you to help bring balance and awareness to your body on and off the table.

Growing up in a home where massage was a given, touch has been a part of how I communicate care my entire life, and as a dancer, climber, and weight lifter, I’ve always been in awe of the body and its capacity for dynamic movement. My years as a personal care attendant for the disabled taught me the importance of mindful presence and gentle touch in the healing process as well as giving me a deep appreciation for the different ways people measure their own health and well-being.

Delving into the world of bodywork and massage has only further ingrained these concepts for me, instilling a voracious appetite for learning more and a creative and nurturing approach to my clients’ needs.

I received my certification in Massage Therapy at Alive and Well in Corte Madera in 2004, CA and followed up with a 1000 hour Master Bodyworker certification completed in 2010. I also got certified in Hospital Massage through the Institute for Health and Healing at California Pacific Medical Center.